Toddler Terror

Pee-pee terror:

J: Can you please pee before we go out?

C: No.

J: Why not?

C: I want to pee on the bike.

J: !!! No!!!!

C: Then I want to pee on the subway.

J: No!!!!

C: Then I want to pee in grandma’s car.


Asking for it

C: Grandma is tiny! Really small!

Kindergarden teacher: Really? And you, Charlie?

C: I am very big.

Kindergarden teacher: I see. And me, what am I?

C: Fat!

The Female Scientist

I dreamed I had some sort of job in an important institution. The company was about to open it’s doors to the public, but the building was still under renovation. A gigantic old factory building.

It was difficult for me to get through the triple security gate with my bike. It was made for cars. Got stuck several times.

Finally at my work station a Canadian approached me, he wanted help with an illustration. We got talking and he seemed to think I could do better than this job. I told him of my idea for a sculpture: The female Scientist.

He left briefly and by the time he got back I had finished the illustration and also googled “A Female Scientist”. There was my model, in the first search result: A futuristic glowing construct from a 1920s futurist movie by that name.

The Canadian returned and took some crumpled bills from his pocket and thanked me. I wanted to decline the payment, but he said he had made so much money in Turkey recently, I should keep it. We parted on friendly terms.



Urban Jungle

C. is growing up in a very urban environment, but there may be more animals around than I thought. Strange how I never realized. He spots them all. Mainly in the windows of betting shops.

Into The Sea

I dreamed that I was doing a performance (at a festival/workshop of sorts), where I walked from the shore steadily into the ocean until completely submerged and invisible.

But instead of being steep and deep as usual, the water was so shallow that I walked and walked and it took forever.



I was getting slightly impatient with C because he kept dawdling where we parked the bike, when I wanted to go inside. He was looking for and collecting what he calls “stones”, but what in reality are mutant hazelnuts. They are falling from the trees in any case. And when I finally got him in the door he would do more lingering in the doorway. But then I realized what he was doing. He was working on another toddler objet trouvĂ© piece.

The stones had to first be sorted by size: Only if they did not fit through the grate in the entrance did they make it into the doormat.

Most of them were too big.

Over the past few weeks I tried to document his progress.

New Genres


It is possible to take pictures with my phone without entering the access code (it is also possible to make emergency calls!).

Today I found this rather intriguing picture series, no idea how C. did it. Here a selection: